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The iStudy Platform is simply the best mastery management system in the market. The reason for this is simple: it was designed by its own users - teachers and students.

Why us?

We're 100% Free

Princing? Nay! We are free and always will be. There are no "premium" features for "premium members". All users are premium, so are our features.

We are easy breezy

iStudy was designed by teachers and students, making it extremely easy to use and understand even if you are a new adopter.

No Bureaucracy

A name, email, and password is all you need to start using all our features. You don't need to be associated with any institution to get started.

We have Yewno Discover.

Yewno’s algorithms and deep learning capabilities allow you to discover topics and concepts like never before. Search any concept and unearth connections to relating to it.

Search concepts that interest you and learn about how they relate to the world. Yewno can be an extremely useful tool in classroom if effectively implemented.